Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Quick Update!

                Well, it is now about half over for me. It seems that the time has stood still at times, but at other times it has gone by super fast. This 3rd quarter has had its ups and downs. There has been times when I just didn’t want to teach and then also times that I was glad I was here witnessing. 
These past couple of weeks have been quite a struggle with my 6th grade science class. I have been experimenting with different discipline methods, but none seem to be working. The school has just started a new quarter, so I am hoping that this will give the kids a new start and a willingness to want to learn. They are a really smart class, when they apply themselves, but trying to get all of their attention at once is next to impossible.
The rest of my classes seem to be going really good. I have somehow connected with them and they know that I am their teacher. They are willing to learn and study. I mean not every single one of them is a perfect student. There are some that are still wanting to slack off and not doing anything. But because the majority of the class is behaving, I can now focus on the ones not doing so good and really push them to do good.
Even though I have had some struggles with the classes, there is always time for adventures here in Ebeye. I have really gotten to know the culture (for the most part) and have learned to adapt to it. I have visited some of the outer island and saw what life is like on that island; it’s simple! We went to an island called nene yesterday. It was very relaxing. We got to climb the coconut trees, spear fish, and relax in the hammocks. It was a very well needed day!
Until next time!!